Seaway Dives – Winter has come!

Happy Diver Mugs!

A surprise today as we arrived at the seaway – lovely clear water greeted us, and a very quiet dive site – just the surfers braving the waters!


Not bad really…


Sand Pipe

At 22 degrees, I had my shivers on – but then – I am a sook – but the dives were well worth it with QLD Grouper, Lionfish, schools of Mullet – And even Cormorants(bird) trying to dive down and catch the mullet next to me! – Cheeky Fan-Bellied Leatherjackets, Nudibranchs, Moray Eels, and of course 5 separate cuttlefish – two of which didn’t mind putting on a romantic display while we watched! Such great critter spotting we are headed back tomorrow – this time with film to see if I can catch some more creature-feature on video!

Thankyou to my buddies Iain & Lorenzo for another great opportunity to dive!

Iain just riding the current…
Lorenzo Chilling with a cheeky local
QLD Grouper keeping an eye on us
Love a clearwater day….
Excuse me miss…..
Cuttle Smooch!

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