The Southport Seaway – this location is a fantastic mini-muck dive, that also has some big critters as well! Less than an hour from Brisbane city, you do need to watch the tides – with the best dives made on the top of the tide. Low tide and strong tidal currents are to be well avoided.

May 2018 – Hoping to draw some attention to the Southport Seaway in our bid for an Australia Navy Frigate to be sunk nearby (exHMAS Darwin), I created this short for the Queensland Outdoor Federation film competition (No, I didn’t win!). Please forgive the wind in the opening shots!

August 2018 – Hanging out with one of my favourite dive buddies, Jeanette and I braved the winter temps for a lovely long dive, with so many amazing critters! A most memorable dive!

December 2017 – Giving a buddy a chance to try out my BCD and fins! Scubapro Hydros Pro & Seawing Nova II’s – best combination I’ve had in many a year! Fantastic day at the seaway where again I wasn’t behind the camera for a change!!  Still very comfortable in my Scubapro X-Tek Harness & wing! Even jumped back in for a snorkel with a curious dolphin!!

December 2017 – Christmas Eve at the seaway, celebrating all the little critters. For a change I wasn’t behind the camera on this one, but in front of it. Having a great day in good visibility with great people!

August 2017 – An early Wake-Up call was required for this Night & Morning dive – but it was worth the bleary eyes and the chilly temperatures!! Brrrrr!!!! Winter water is clear water, but dayum its cold!!

January 2017  – Summer diving  – thinner wetsuits and long dive times – love ‘our local!!’