Flinders Reef is a magical location just off the Northern tip of Moreton Island. Whether Winter or Summer, there is always something amazing to see. The Eastern side is exposed to the prevailing South Easterly winds and seas, and so has more rocky strata, with encrusting and solid corals, along with usually, quite clear waters. The Western side is more protected from that regular weather and has massive gardens of delicate staghorn coral and plate coral .he fish life is superb, with schools of moon wrasse on the hunt for a feed, shoals of damselfish moving like flocks of birds, and even visitors such as Leopard Sharks in the Summer and recently, Grey Nurse Sharks in the Winter. Most beautiful however is the ‘Cleaning Station’ – an area of staghorn coral rubbed short by the undersides of thousands of turtles over untold numbers of years, resting there as cleaner fish pick over their bodies, removing parasites, dead flesh or cleaning up wounds.

Flinders Reef, Moreton Bay – July 2018 – a lovely day with great buddies and giving new divers the chance to explore this amazing reef!