Sunday Seaway Dive

9th June 2019

After the sad news that a juvenile dolphin was retrieved from the Southport Seaway earlier in the week, Jeanette, Damien, Andrew & I took the chilly plunge off the steps to check out some gear. Damien with his new reg, Jeanette test-diving before a dive trip, and I was rewetting a Nikon/Subal Photography system from a friend – a major new lesson in all aspects – shifting from film to still, micro-camera to DSLR and the monstrously heavy and unwieldy difference it makes!

Subal Housing & Nikon D100 DSLR

I did manage to take a few images, although my computer is not accepting the file type, so nothing to show from me today – however Jeanette got a  lovely image of a large Lionfish inside the sandpipe housing, along with a pair of what I thought were a triggerfish or leatherjacket species I’d not ever seen before – stunning almost rainbow colouration. Jeanette snapped a quick image to try and identify, and has discovered them to be Blackbar Filefish or RedTail Leatherjacket.

Common Lionfish – Photo by Jeanette Young


So much to see on a nice long dive – the school of mullet is hanging in the shallows, along with many different species of lionfish, moray eels and a slightly grumpy wobbegong shark, and more of my favourites – the banded coral shrimp and yellow boxfish. A great day!

Til next time –  Dive Safe.

Diver Di


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