May Musings – Upcoming travel & more


Welcome to the cooling days as we head towards winter! I’ve had some great training dives recently but the temperature has started to drop off – 24 down to 21 some dives.

So I’m dreaming of warm places to dive and visit…….


Important travel updates for you.

Truk Lagoon – 24th August – 1st September 2019 – we have some new faces on this trip and some we have seen before – exciting as I’m looking forward to taking them on some of the more challenging dives!! Our held airfares are about to expire – we are booking flights this week. This means if anyone books after this time, the price will likely go up as we cannot access the group fare pricing. Blue Lagoon is a lovely resort to stay at while off-gassing between dives, with great staff, crew and facilities.

If you are thinking of coming along – get that deposit in to lock the great fares! Very much looking forward to heading back again – the best wreck diving I can name – seriously awesome stuff!




Santo – Vanuatu & President Coolidge- 77th Anniversary of sinking – 22nd – 29th October 2019 – a recent change for the better has this trip moving one day forward – this means DIRECT FLIGHTS TO AND FROM BRISBANE!!! No longer a few hours stopping over at Port Vila, its a 2.5hour flight between Brisbane & Santo – having us there in a shorter time than flying to Melbourne!

We also have a diver looking at completing Tech Diving while on the trip – at a discounted rate as the dives are already included in the group package. The course in question is SDI/TDI’s Advanced Nitrox (40 to 100% mixes of O2 – upgrading from maximum 40%  for Enriched Air qualified) and Decompression Procedures. There are spots left if other divers are interested in joining one or both of these courses. Let me know you are interested and I’ll forward you the details.

A great week in Luganville with an excellent dive centre diving the ex-President Coolidge (massive) shipwreck, Million Dollar Point, and options to visit the beautiful coral reefs by boat trip.

If you are thinking of coming along – get that deposit in to lock the great fares! Very much looking forward to heading back again – the best wreck diving I can name – seriously awesome stuff!


South Africa – 11th-26th February 2020 – Awesome news – I have a few more places available at the original price listed, however much like Truk Lagoon – we are booking flights this coming week. This will lock pricing so fares do not increase. Trime to bite the bullet and enjoy 9 days of safari and exploration in South Africa enjoying Game Drives, walkabouts, traditional dancing, WALKING WITH RHINOS – OH MY GOD- HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!! – and of course spotting the other 4 of the big 5 – Lions, Tigers, Buffalo and Leopards. Oh and the cute ones too – Zebras, Giraffes ,… the list goes on.

Transport is included.

Twin Share Accommodation is included

Oh – and then 5 days and 10 dives with Tanks, Weights and Dive Guides are included to go and chase the Big 5 SHARKS!!!

Aliwal Shoal & Protea Banks are the sites – searching for: Tiger, Bull, Oceanic Black Tip, Hammerhead and even our local favourite – the RaggedTooth Shark(known locally as Grey Nurse, and elsewhere as Sand Tigers!)

90% of your meals are included! (about 5 meals we will head out locally)


South Africa EXTENTION – Cape Town -25th February – 1st March 2020 For those still undecided on the Cape Town Extension – we have 2 spots only left – and as per SA airlines, we are booking the group fares this week, so now is the time to decide – later the price is likely to increase. I am so ridiculously excited about the African penguins its ridiculous. Of course, diving with Seals, 7-Gilled Cowsharks, snorkelling with Great White Sharks, visiting famous wineries, Table Mountain and Nelson Mandelas incarceration – Robben Island is in there too!!



Gizo –  Solomon Islands – July 2020 More details to come when the flyer is complete – but… sp close to home, but remote with amazing diving. DETAILS TO COME HERE –


Christmas Island –  Solomon Islands – December 2020 More details to come when the flyer is complete – but… untouched, often un-dived corals, Red Crabs spawning and Whalesharks coming to feast upon it? what an awesome chance!! DETAILS TO COME HERE –


Koror – PALAU! – Micronesia – March 2021 More details to come when the flyer is complete – but… Palau is AMAZING. Clear water, swift currents makes for incredible coral formations, masses of Turtles, Manta Rays, huge shoals of fish and ITS A SHARK SANCTUARY! Black Tips, Whalers, White Tips, Reefs – stunning sharks looking healthy, well fed and beautiful. DETAILS TO COME HERE –


Komodo – Indonesia – The Coral Triangle – Lets go LIVEABOARD! 10th – 20th July 2021 – Time to get our liveaboard on!! The Indo Siren is an amazing Indonesia Phinisi vessel. Worldwide Dive and Sail provide astounding services on the ‘Sirens’ – Free equipment hire (except dive computer & torch), free Nitrox for those qualified, all drinks included except shelf liquor, all meals and snacks. Up to 4 dives a day on non-transit days, Twin share accommodation,…. and DIVING THE CORAL TRIANGLE!!! The marine life is prolific, corals, sponges , huge shoals of fish, critters, turtles, mantarays, the list goes on. Oh yes, and lets go to a protected park island and see MASSIVE KOMODO DRAGONS!! Its awesome, Epic, and I can’t wait to go back!


Timor Leste (East Timor) – November 2021 Untouched and stunning. So close and yet often overlooked, the dicing rteports from Timor Leste are coming back amazing, so lets do this! Lots of time to prepare – and we will be flyi ng over from Darwin, so travel should be at a minimum!! DETAILS TO COME HERE –


Fiji – Voli Voli with extension to Bega Lagoon – March 2022 (details to come)

Phillipines Liveaboard – June 2022 (details to come)

Iceland Discovery – November/December 2022 (details to come)

Other upcomings.

exHMAS Tobruk & Lady Musgrave Island Dive Weekend 2019

I’m building a dive weekend in Bundaberg region, for 2 dive days, 4 dives and accommodation later in the year. Looking for the calmest waters – so Winter – to give the best opportunity to have great conditions diving the Tobruk and Lady Musgrave Island. Stay tuned-details soon!

Fish Rock Cave Weekend 2019

As Fish Rocks Cave was cancelled due to inclement weather on the May Long Weekend, I’ll be shuffling another weekend together soon – when the very busy SouthWestRocks Dive has rom as they are incredibly busy – as usual!!


I am best caught up with on messenger or Facebook page – would love to hear from you in any case – even just let me know what you’re up to/recent dives if I havent seen you for awhile!!  Best Fishes and See you underwater!!

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